Thursday, April 9, 2009


Klartale, a Simplified Weekly Newsletter in Norwegian, good for beginners. I'm finding this just slightly above my level, with about one word per sentence I don't know. Pretty good.

Naiv.Super. A novel in very simple language, this version is written with the more difficult phrases translated into English in a second column. You can read the first chapter online. This book is perfect for where I'm at now, and the author is even from Trondheim. The publisher wants $36 for it, and I can find only one used copy online and it's hardly any cheaper. Seeing how I've just placed a book order through amazon, I'll wait on this one. Maybe a copy will show up at amazon or abe books...

** The publisher also has another book in the same format, a mystery novel. Unfortunately, they have only these two titles. Fortunately, you can read the first chapter of both online.

Everyday Norwegian Videos. A set of 6 videos, with transcripts and comprehension questions. Interesting, but with a very "homemade" feel.

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