Friday, April 3, 2009


Whew! Finally finished my family's visa application, ready to send in tomorrow. 98 pages. I'm not kidding. A 6- or 7- page app. for me and Pam, then all kinds of other documents, including three forms of my contract, birth certificates, marriage license, passport photos of everyone, and photocopies of every page of all of our passports. Plus $590 in fees. Dang. But, it's done.

Last year, Pam applied for visas for herself and the kids upon arrival in Trondheim, and the system was so sluggish she didn't get her visa for nearly a year -- not until 6 days before we returned! I, on the other hand, applied ahead of time to the consulate in San Fransisco, and got my visa in 3 weeks. So this time, I'm sending all of our applications together at once.

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