Monday, May 25, 2009


Traveled to Wisconsin to be with family this Memorial Day weekend, and we return with energy high and excited to finish our last month in Washington for the year.

I had plenty of time in airport to read. On the return trip, I finished reading my first Norwegian novel -- a milestone! Naiv. Super. was a good choice -- this novel was written by a guy from Trondheim, and printed as norsk-enelsk reading book with annotations. It was some effort, but by the end my reading speed had improved and I flew through the last several chapters.

Yesterday I looked at real estate ads and some other Norwegian pages, and was a bit surprised to see that I am comfortable reading in Norwegian.

Today I will order the other norsk-englesk reading book the publisher offers, Jernvognen, or The Iron Wagon. It's from the early 1900s, and is Norway's equivalent of a Sherlock Holmes novel. Someone even made a graphic novel from it.

The publisher lets you download the first chapter for free (Nelsbok Publishing), and it looks like a step up in difficulty from Naiv. Super, but I'm ready.

Incidentally, I found the book at 30% off at Vesterheim Norwegian-American museum. They also have a LOT of Norwegian stuff, CDs jewelry, etc.

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