Monday, May 11, 2009

So close to comfortable

Spring is springing and the yard is blooming beautifully. Scent of apple blossoms and lilac. My little town of Ferndale is getting hipper every year, with a new riverwalk, fountain, and farmer's market just up the road from our house. Today we rode our bikes and discovered a new park next to the river.

All of these things we will miss. There are many very good things we are leaving behind, good things that keep getting better. Anna spend yesterday at a friend's house who lives 1 mile away. She rode horses all afternoon... awesome. We meet people we know everywhere we go. Pam and I have both been active in the community, and we're both feeling well-connected now.

Yep. Thissss close to becoming comfortable.

Crazy days these past few days, I feel like I've been slacking on my studying, mostly because I reached page 100 in the novel I'm reading and hit a really hard chapter. Page 101 starts a chapter called Verdensrommet, which means 'universe' (literally 'the world's room', cool huh? It's a pretty big room.) Anyway, this chapter was a butt-kicker. Space-time and philosophy, with really long and complicated sentences with about 3 times the number of annotations. I had to read it twice. Thankfully, the next chapter looks light.

But I've developed a certain "habit of norsk" now, and even when I feel like I'm slacking I'm doing a lot of practice anyway because I'm surrounded with Norwegian. In the car I listen to CDs of language or music, and walking across campus I listen to all kinds of things in Norwegian. In the last week, I finished relistening to the last 3 lessons in the Pimsleur series, listened to a Klartale podcast, and listened to a lot of songs and sang along.

Add to that this: I stayed up late on Friday watching Mummitrollet. Nice!

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