Friday, May 22, 2009

Stress Bump

We just weathered a big wave of stress, triggered by investigating real estate. I've told people I spend half of my time wanting to throw up because of the stress, and the other half of my time wanting to cry because I'm so happy. "Halves" are big exaggerations here, but every once in a while I do feel svimmel av glede (dizzy with joy) and then other times I do feel physically ill. In truth, I'm surprised with how level I've been, cruising along steadily towards our goals. But, as our housing options and uncertainties exploded these last couple of days, both Pam and I hit a big "stress-bump" simultaneously.

Thankfully, we're over the stress quickly. While we will continue gathering paperwork for a bank loan, it is fairly clear that we are better off renting. I needed to reassure myself that we will be able to find a place in the area we want, even if it will cost a lot more. We can then spend our efforts looking for a hytte.

Yes, of course we need a hytte (cabin) out on the fjord somewhere. Nearly everyone in Norway has a hytte -- it is part of the Norwegian way. Hyttes are inexpensive and the perfect complement to a city life. Pam could have her art studio at the hytte and we could spend happy weekends there. I want to be able to see the fjords from our hytte. Kids can climb on rocks, explore the forest, go kayaking. Did mention that they're cheap?

So, it's fun to look at the ads for hyttes, and who knows -- if we don't find a good rental but we find a hytte we really like close to Trondheim, and we can live in the hytte for a month as we continue our search for housing.

There's so many plans, so many possibilities, and so little certainty in both the short term and the long term. I'm glad we are keeping our nice property we have here in Washington, it will become a good anchor in these swiftly changing tides.

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