Saturday, June 20, 2009

2 days to go

Last day of school today. Maggie especially was thrilled -- she is now officially a middle schooler.

Plenty of work to do today, and we worked straight through today but at a pleasant pace. Barn, workshop, packing up kids, and clearing out the attic. It was in the attic we found *the boxes*.

For the past 15 years we've carted boxes of mementos around, through 6 or 7 moves from Michigan to various places in Florida and two in Washington. We joke that the only thing these boxes are good for is looking at for a few minutes every time we move. Javel, that day was today, and so Pam and I had a good laugh at old photos and certificates and painted plates and Star Wars cards. And then we packed it up again, cursing our fate.

It will be another big day tomorrow, but we'll pull it all together just in time for the unstoppable non-stop chain of events: Family visits. Movers. A weekend of cleaning and hauling. Drive across Canada to Wisconsin. Then Michigan. Then Norway.

I reassured Pam that the stress would be soon be over. In about 8 weeks.

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