Monday, June 1, 2009

All American Weekend

Yesterday I went skeet shooting with some friends. Up on a sandy river bank in north Ferndale, it felt a lot like summers when I was a teen, hanging out in the suburban wilds with friends. I've never fired a shotgun before, and it was fun and easy. "This is what America is all about!" my friend cheered.
In the afternoon I sold two bicycles through Craigslist and cleared out my workshop. Good productivity!

Today we went to Birch Bay with the dogs ... it's looks a bit like the fjords. Then off to a farewell Naylors party with our babysitting co-op. We played baseball with the kids (I'm horrible at fielding but an okay hitter), and I was struck at the appropriateness of playing baseball before we leave.

Guns and baseball. How American can you get?

With exactly 4 weeks left to go, one of those weeks dominated by a family reunion, I realize the upcoming urgency of these going away parties. Leaving Norway last year, the final week we were overcome with requests for social events. We're trying to schedule parties for each of the kids, and for the grown-ups too, but I'm quite certain we will in the end feel like we simply ran out of time to do all we wanted to.

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