Wednesday, June 17, 2009


4 days until we go... and we sold the car today! Just in time. We had a back-up plan in place if it didn't sell in time, but we need the money for the move so we're glad to have it.

Everything's been happening like magic and we feel lucky every day! Yesterday I met Daniel L. for donuts and a goodbye, and in the evening Laura I. came over for one last game of Settlers of Catan (Pam won, but I got 2 arches).

Pam and I went to the office today to load up my books and boxes, and stopped downtown to sell our CDs and comic books. I'll have to return to the office later today to get the rest of my things and drop off keys.

Tonight we meet David R. and daughter Ariel (Maggie's very good friend), and Shannon and Randy for a goodbye BBQ.

Crazy days!

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