Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jeg liker meg i Norge

Many people have asked why we want to go back to Norway. Some are excited for us and the adventure, but some have regarded our motives with suspicion. Is it really better in Norway?

The Norwegians have a curious way to say that they like a place. They don't say "I like it in Norway." Instead, they say "I like myself in Norway," or "Jeg liker meg i Norge." Maybe this phrase isn't just a weird little language quirk, but is a reflection of a philosophy. A place is good if you like yourself when you're there. It's not so much about liking your job or your friends or your house or your car. It's about how you feel about you. Maybe that's part of the reason we're planning to return. We like ourselves in Norway.

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  1. Good to see u have tarted up your blog again.
    Trondheimsfjorden is the 3rd longest fjord in Norway :)