Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moving Day 2

Peter stayed at Trevor's last night, so didn't come with us to Denny's for breakfast. Alien pancakes. Awesome. Peter didn't want to come home, so he stayed. Anna went to Isla's, where they hooked up a cart to a pony. Maggie went to Gillian's, then Gillian came over here.

All day the movers worked, finishing up at 9:30. There was a series of setbacks -- not enough manpower, not enough boxes, conflicting personalities, and a big big job. When they closed up the truck, the doors barely closed. Goodbye stuff! We have almost nothing left in the house. Pam and I dragged in an extra mattress from the barn and we found one small blanket and a curtain we can use as a sheet tonight. Maggie has our two towels as blankets, and Peter and Anna are both at sleepovers.

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