Friday, June 19, 2009

Second Cat

Spotty has been adopted by a 19-year old woman who is a petsitter/babysitter/tutor. She has two other cats. I met her today; she was very nice and Spotty took to her immediately. He'll get lots of love... I feel good about his new home.

When I brought him to her place, he was so freaked out by the car ride (he HATES car rides) he clawed me fairly exuberantly, and I had to hide the blood on my arms from his new mom lest she think he's some kind of wild cat! Ouch. Thanks for parting gift, Spotty!

Then on to the university. Met a dear colleague for coffee and then spent several hours doing final packing. I turned in my keys and I'm off -- done with the university for a while.

Tonight, Pam started the task of packing up the kids. Sunday morning we depart for a complicated series of roadtrips, and the bags we take with us hold the only things we'll have for the next two months! Our cargo container with the rest of our thing won't arrive in Norway until mid-August.

A few minutes ago I got an email from the folks who adopted Joey. They've renamed him "José", and he's doing great. Even the people in the family who didn't like cats are now in love with him!

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