Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Universe is Smiling

We've been feeling the stress of not having found a house yet, even though there's plenty of time. I ran into a colleague yesterday afternoon who said that finding a house will be "a piece of cake!" That made me feel a lot better. Piece of cake. Yeah.

The good feeling lasted well into the evening when I got an email from a friend of a friend in Trondheim asking if we're still looking for a place. Turns out she's got a very nice house to rent in a nice neighborhood near where we want to be at the price we want. She sent photos this morning and we're going to take it. What a relief!

"Piece of cake!"
Pam said, "When the universe drops something in your lap, you should take it!"
Then Pam checks her email, and someone has sent her an email titled "A message from the universe." It reads:
Pam, it's supposed to be easy. Everything is supposed to be easy. Everything is easy. You live in a dream world. You're surrounded by illusions. And the illusions change when you change your thinking!

Tell yourself it's easy. Tell yourself often. Make it a mantra. Eat, sleep, and breathe it. And your life shall be transformed.

It's supposed to be easy,
The Universe

We have been laughing and laughing over the timing of that email!

Anyways, I'm now in a terrific mood. More on the house as this story develops.

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