Friday, July 31, 2009

End of the In-Between Year

Back from Banff, back from an awesome conference. Tomorrow we fly to Norway. Final packing to do... so many bags to bring with us -- 10 checked backs, plus 2 carry-ons each, for a total of 20 bags. It will be a full van, and I'll have to pack straps to secure bags to our station wagon when we arrive in Norway.

Geir will bring our Mercedes to the airport, and they should be expecting us at the new house around noon Friday. This month has gone well... 4000 miles on the van, and a few more by plane with my surprise trip back to Banff. There are still plenty of things that can go wrong in the next 36 hours. Fingrene krysset!

Well, the in-between year is at an end. How much Norwegian have I learned? Enough to get by? It will be what it is...

And I suppose this post marks the end of Naylors in Norway 2. Come Friday, we start year 3! Ha det bra!

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