Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're Back!

We're back!

The trip went very well -- no problems at all. The van was very full leaving Jack's house in Lansing. Poor Pam had to contort herself around a couple of bags and a guitar, but all 5 Naylors and all 20 pieces of luggage made it. We flew Detroit to Chicago to Stockholm to Trondheim. We were met outside of the airport by our mechanic, Geir, who brought us our old familiar car, a 1985 Mercedes station wagon that the son of a friend has been keeping warm for us. I had brought 4 bright orange straps that we had used on the van for our cross-country trip, and they came in handy as we had to tie 6 suitcases to the top.

How strange and familiar it was, if that's possible, to be driving back to Trondheim. Gone was the fear we had on our last arrival. Gone was the wild unfamiliarity of being in a strange land with strange signs and strange words. Instead, all seemed calm and normal.

It took a few turns around the neighborhood to find our house. We like it! It's an older house, two stories with a loft, and we can see the water through many of the windows. We napped for a few hours right away, and then walked down to the Bunnpris for groceries. The owners have very thoughtfully left us beds, a sofa-bed, two other sofas, a table and chairs, sheets, blankets, pillows and towels. Everything we need to rest up with. We can use these until our things arrive in a couple of weeks. Thank you, landlords! That's so nice.

Our friends Martin, Elisabeth, and Frøy came to visit after dinner. Frøy is Maggie's best friend here in Norway, and how excited the two were!

Sleep will be strange for a few days, but we made it intact, and we are back!

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