Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Peter and Anna biked to school on Tuesday. We still didn't have a bike for Maggie, so she and I drove, leading the way for her younger siblings.

Work has been very fun this week. Lots of new people, and lots of fresh energy with familiar people. My colleagues are really neat, and I like the new boss a lot. I'm finally settling in and getting some good work done.

After school, we went out to get Maggie a bike. Here she is, fresh from Gigante Sports. This morning, I rode with them down to school, and then up to my office. It's a fun and easy ride, except for the GIANT HILL down which is a little scary. I wonder how they'll do coming home.

My language skills are improving quickly. I speak Norwegian for hours each day now, and I can even speak on the phone which was impossible before. I have no trouble making myself understood... of course understanding what others say is still very challenging, unless they are patient and use simpler words. But, there is hope!

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