Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Biking to School

Work on the house has slowed as we become busy with work at our schools. With the car still in the shop, we're getting lots of bike riding in, and I've lost 6 pounds this month. Amazing what a little exercise and a big reduction in beer drinking will do for you! The bike riding is getting easier and easier.

Mornings Pam leaves early to school on bike while I finish getting kids ready to go. Peter usually leaves a bit before the rest of us -- he likes to ride down the big scary hill and get to school fast, while the rest of us are satisfied with a longer commute. I've been experimenting with routes, trying to find the one with the least slope downwards.

It's quite a drop from our house to the school, which makes the morning commute very very easy but a bit too fast. We need to apply brakes most of the way, and my brakes aren't very good. Coming home is hard, and we end up pushing the bikes up several hills. Still, it's satisfying to not have to use the car.

This morning the sky looks dark and threatening. I fear we all may be getting wet today...

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