Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming together

The house is gradually coming together, we can live it in now. Last night we got the boxspring mattress up the stairs. It wouldn't fit when the movers were here, so I sawed it in half. Well, I sawed it partly in half and then propped it up on the couch and Pam and I jumped on it until the wires bent and it took on somewhat of an L shape. With kids protecting the walls with cardboard, we got it upstairs. I think we'll never get it down again.

We had our first guests over -- a spontaneous taco dinner with Evelina and Daniel. That was fun. They came over after riding bikes down with Anna to the the traffikgård, which is a mini city-street playground for kids to learn about traffic safety. Awesome. Here's a previous post about the traffikgård.

In the evening I visited some friends who live downtown and we sat on the roof of their apartment and admired the view of downtown from downtown. The Nidaros cathedral, the university, the fortress, the Tyholt tower... beautiful in every direction.

Last night was mild and warm and breezy, a perfect night, and our bed was perfect also. This morning it's gray and rainy, but it still makes me happy to walk to work under an umbrella and be able to see the mountains and Munkholmen island out in the fjord.

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