Sunday, August 2, 2009

A day on the fjord

Nothing like a day on the fjords to feel welcomed to Norge.

This morning we overslept, a lot. Got up at 1030. That turned out to be okay -- all of our friends overslept as well. Evelina emailed 7 minutes before I got up and invited us to brunch right away, which we gladly accepted. After brunch, we left Anna with them so she could go to St. Olav's Festival downtown and see music and animals and things. The rest of us went to Muruvik to Martin and Elisabeth's hytte.

I helped Martin with some digging and cement work for their new shed (while the ladies and laughed at this fine welcome to Norway... in truth I enjoy manual labor and feeling useful!) Afterwards we went boating on the fjord, pulling the girls behind the boat on a raft, and finally a dinner of 'sod', a meatball soup with potatoes, just like we had last time we were at their hytte.

Now we are home, and the sun is high in the sky, but it is already 9 pm. Ah yes, the long Norwegian summer days. It won't get dark until nearly midnight.

Tomorrow is my first day of work. I'm excited!

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