Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Day at Work

The first day back at work was very exciting. It is about a 9-minute walk from our house -- awesome!

Everyone said they would speak only Norwegian with me, and I was a little bit surprised to find how quickly and easily I could speak. No one seems to mind if I slip in English words to cover for those that I don't know. In the lunch room I met new people, and had quite a long conversation with someone before she realized that I'm rather limited in my understanding. Introductory small talk, I'm finding, is pretty easy. The early questions are quite typical and expected, and my responses are well-rehearsed, so I can give the impression I know more than I do.

Peter and Anna went to play with Kristian and Carolina all day while Pam and Maggie went to the international school. I left work after lunch, dropped my things off at home, and walked down to the school. 16 minutes. Great! The only trouble is, there is quite a drop in altitude between our house and the school, so walking or riding bikes back home will be a bit problematic for the kids. We'll figure it out.

Pam and I went downtown to get our bank account in order, then we came home for naps. At 6 we went to Hilde and Egil's house for pizza. We are feeling very, very welcomed.

Here's a picture of Anna doing a flip on the trampoline. Everyone has a trampoline in Norway. I don't know why. This one is at Sofia's house. We have one in our backyard also.

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