Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School

It was a very tiring weekend as you can imagine. The house was full, but as boxes empty and as we ship things off the school and the office, it is becoming manageable. Sunday we were at the school all day getting Pam's room in order for the first day.

Pam was a little nervous, the kids were very excited, and I was relieved. Here's some first day pics... Pam heading out with waffle in hand, and the kids freshly returned from school.

For dinner we had sodd, the Norwegian meatball soup that we'd had a couple of times at Martin and Elisabeth's hytte. Pam tried making it herself -- an important step towards becoming Norwegian I think. It wasn't as good as the Hamsted's, but it was a start!

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  1. We don't feel like super chefs, we buy it frozen in the shop !
    And it is Hamstad.