Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friends are Back

Allan and Alison got back yesterday from a year in the U.S. I picked them up at the airport and upon arriving at their place, Allan insisting on climbing underneath the car to begin repair work on the muffler. This is after flying all day and night, mind you. Turns out our car has TWO mufflers, and we only lost the back up muffler. That's why our car is not obnoxiously loud right now. We ended staying up late talking for hours... great fun!

This morning we had a nice rainbow to the west. We get a lot of rainbows here thanks to the mixed up weather and favorable sun position -- often near the horizon and so plenty of low angle light. A good combination for rainbows!

Pam has all-day meetings, so I took the kids into the office with me. In the lobby, some physics students were making icecream with dry ice, good fun for the kids! They each got a cup of the homemade treat. At the office they played with our vast math-toy collection, drank hot chocolate from our coffee machine, and had lunch in the cafeteria. A good morning.

In the afternoon, Pam and I registered for our tax cards and got our banking squared away. Yesterday we picked up our work visas. Tomorrow, our cargo container arrives. We very nearly have it all together!


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