Monday, August 10, 2009

Kittens in Stjordal

Caught up with another friend at work today who's just returned from a trip abroad. Oh, it's nice to be back! Our shipping container was supposed to be arriving tomorrow, so I called the moving company but our stuff is... where? No one seems to know. So I have the Norwegian company and the U.S. company working on it. Hopefully we'll have news in a few days. Hmm. Ting tar tid.

We made a trip to Stjordal today to look at a kitten for Peter. Stjordal is about a 40 minute drive east of Trondheim, it's the site of the Trondheim airport. Before we left, I asked colleagues if there's anything that's a must-see in Stjordal. Rock carvings? they asked. Been there. Hegra festning (fortress)? Check. Forbordsfjellet (mountain drive with great view)? Yes. Steinvikholmen (medieval island fortress)? Yup, that too. The train station at Hell (has a funny sign there)? Yep, got that picture. The shopping mall? Ummm... no!

Aparently, the shopping mall is the only thing in the area we had left to see, so we put it on the list. We shall see the mall, and then we will have "done Stjordal".

So, we saw the kittens and Peter picked out the one he wants. We need to wait 3 more weeks because they are still nursing, and then we can return and pick her up. And then, yes, we went to the mall. Bought some candy and a charger for the kids' Nintendo DSs, because somehow they've lost all 3 of them.

On the way home, we were choking on exhaust fumes. Ugh... what is wrong with the car now? It didn't take too long to find out -- the muffler fell off once we reached our neighborhood. Another adventure to be had. Looks like a trip to Biltema in my future plans, another Norwegian "learning opportunity".

This evening we had mushrooms with dinner. And we're still alive! It's now 10:15, and starting to get dark outside. Finally, some nighttime is starting to happen. It's been weird to have no darkness, and very hard for the kids to get to sleep. Also, on the other end of sleep it's weird to wake up in the morning and not know what time it is. It's light out, but it may be 3:30 in the morning. By mid-September the light will be "normal", and then darkness will begin to take over. Cool.

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