Friday, August 7, 2009


This evening we went out with Daniel and Sofia to try to find a secluded lake in Byåsen supposedly with lots of berries nearby. We got lost on the way, and found a different lake instead. This other lake was quite public, and with the fine evening temperature it was busy. Nonetheless, we had a beautiful evening, swimming and eating and laughing. Surprisingly, the water was not extremely cold!

We cooked the hotdogs (pølse, as they're called) on a single-use grill (engangsgrill). Both pølse and engangsgrill are extremely popular in Norway, and some parks and beaches have special receptacles into which you can place your grill when you're done so it won't be a fire hazard. The grills are cheap, about $3.

We even found enough blueberries and raspberries to make a nice dessert for 7 by covering the berries with canned whipped cream. Yum! The kids prefered to have the whipped cream sprayed directly into their mouths.

Next time, we'll bring a map, but a very nice, sependipitous evening nonetheless!

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