Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moving Day

Got the news on Thursday that our stuff arrives on Friday. Woo-hoo! Our goods were waved through customs, and we were thankful not to hassle with inspections or unexpected fees. We knew this would be tight, a lot of stuff coming with insufficient space to put it. In addition, we still had all of the landlord's furniture, which we had not had enough warning for her to make arrangements for.

The movers pulled up right on time, in a double truck. Apparently they had repacked our container in Oslo. The rain started around lunchtime. All day, a steady stream of boxes and furniture flowed into the house. We watched the empty space vanish much too quickly.

above: the trucks arrive!
below: Maggie in a box, Anna goes to Anna-Lola's

Allan brought a trailer over, and we shuttled off some of the landlord's furniture, and then another trailer load of his stuff, which helped space. Daniel came over and made two trips with carloads of Pam's teaching boxes to the school. Somehow, by the end of the day we managed to fit everything in the house and get the doors closed. Shwew!

How funny and nice it is to look around and see our things, our comforts from home. That night slept in own bed, and today we unloaded some more items: another carload to Allan, a carload to the school, and currently I have 33 boxes of math stuff (all essential, I assure you) loaded onto the trailer ready to take into the office this evening.

The place is a wreck, but I think we can progress quickly in getting it all organized.

Yesterday during the move, Anna spent the day with Anna-Lola, her first time seeing her good friend since we've been back. Peter spent the day and ended up sleeping over at Kristian's house. And in the evening, Pam and I made a quick trip to a faculty party and Megan and Marius'. We wanted to stay all night, but we were exhausted and eager to be up early working on the boxes.

We are hopeful and optimistic!

On the way to the party we saw a crack in a wall that looked like a horse.
I don't know why I took a picture of it.
Or why I'm posting it.

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  1. you posted it because I would look at it...

    how could I have seen it if you didn't post it?

    but the real question is - where will it go (using knight moves of course) when there are no colored squares for it to use?