Sunday, August 23, 2009


I've been reading Kurtby, a funny book by Erlend Loe about a family that goes on vacation, gets lost and the dad, Kurt, ends up becoming the leader of a religious cult out in the forest. In the beginning of the book, the family decides on their vacation destination by each writing the name of where to go on slips of paper and then drawing one at random. From all the exciting destinations like Paris and Berlin, they pull the slip of paper written on by their youngest child, with the destination: "Finland". He chose it because he wants to go see the Mummitrollet, characters in Finnish books and cartoons that are popular in Norway. We've been watching Mummitrollet episodes at home, so it was fun to see to reference.

We're trying to decide where to go for vacation during a short school break in October, so Pam decided to try this method for ourselves! We all wrote destinations and Anna selected a slip of paper. The result: "Mummidalen!" (Mummidalen, or Mummi Valley, is the home of Mummitrollet). I don't think we'll go there, though. We're not such big sticklers for procedure, not like Kurt's family.

Our possibilities were Bergen, Istanbul, Mummidalen, Ferndale WA, and Waterslides. Can you guess who's was which?

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