Thursday, August 6, 2009

Perfekt Evening

The sun came out and we had a warm, mild evening yesterday. Waffles for dinner! No maple syrup (very hard to find in Norway, they think it's weird), so we had them with sour cream and raspberry jam. I know, it sounds awful, but it's really really really good. Try it sometime.

After dinner, the kids played in the yard, on the trampoline and with plastic balls they found outside. There is a big cherry tree just outside our window, and the cherries are starting to ripen to the proper sweetness. Mmmmm. I sat in the winterhage playing guitar and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Late evening, I drove the new principal of ThIS to the airport, where we picked up some new arrivals.

Today I spoke briefly with the new boss at work, and he wants to commission a piece of my artwork for a new office that opening next month. Cooooool.


  1. Love the blog Mike. =) I'm jealous. Do they need IT people in Norway? I don't speak any Norwegian but I'm sure I could learn.. I have a friend who's Swedish if that helps. ;)

    -Chris H

  2. Looks like you guys found a great house!! Yay!

  3. commissioned artwork is a GREAT thing! I hope you'll share when it is done.