Sunday, August 2, 2009


Frøy's family dropped by this morning to pick up Maggie and take her to their hytte. We're worried she might be awfully tired, but... there it is.

The rest of us went downtown to stop by the bank, but the bank is closed Saturday. Instead we ate at a kebab restaurant and dropped by Solsiden, the waterfront mall, so I could get some hardware accessories. During naps, I rewired a couple of computer plugs so we can use them in the Norwegian outlets.

Then, to IKEA for a few essentials (and ice cream and hot dogs). When we returned, we had email from Daniel, Evelina, and Sofia, who had just got back from a week's camping trip. They had us over for dinner and dessert -- they live just a 5 minute walk away, which is very very nice.

Evelina is Italien and Daniel is Swiss. Their 6-year old daugter speaks 4 languages. Daniel and I compared notes on learning Norwegian -- he is as obsessed as I am with learning a new language (though he can speak maybe 6 languages while I can muster much fewer). He loaned me a fun book, Kurtby by Erlend Loe, so now I have quite a few books to finish (including Fisken also by Erlend Loe, and Jernvognen. Fisken og Kurtby are considerably easier and more fun than the 1908 mystery novel Jernvognen!)

Now we are back and everyone's gone to bed except for me, who isn't tired at all. Tomorrow will be a big day for us...

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