Saturday, August 8, 2009


Taking a tip from Daniel and Evelina, we set out today for a grand adventure, driving north across the fjord for 2 hours to an island called Stokkøya ("Stick Island"). The ferry was inexpensive and very modern, and the drive through Fosen was memorable, with scenery ranging from lovely forests to jaw-dropping gorges. As we drove, we scoped out possible locations for our future hytte. Hytte hunting has become Pam's part-time passion as of late.

Stokkøya has a bay with a large sandy beach. The bay stays shallow for quite a ways out, making the water "warm". Of course, this is ocean water and we're nearly in the arctic circle, so "warm" is a very relative term. Nonetheless the kids went swimming for several short bursts. "My legs are numb!" I heard Peter say at one point.

The sky was sunny, the air warm, and the beach crowded today. We lunched, read, sunbathed, hit a ball around with pickleball paddles. I took the kids to explore the hills beyond the southern edge of the beach, and we found interesting shells and parts of crabs. There is a restaurant right on the beach that serves family-sized bowls of mussels steamed in tomato sauce that looked absolutely wonderful. There were also some interesting bowl-shaped propane hottubs outside, not in use this time of year.

We were quite happy to have enjoyed the warm weather while it lasts, and I am quite pleased that our old car is holding up so well. Oh -- we also got over 28 mpg on our first tank of gas, pretty darn good for an old diesel station wagon!

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  1. What a great adventure! Although I had to look up what a "Hytte" is - now that I know, I want one too!