Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Work day 2

This morning I met with a colleague and we schemed up some plans for a project together. This will be a fun year at work! At lunch, I ate a waffle with brun ost, a brown sweet caramelly "cheese" which is distinctively Norwegian. Now I really feel like I'm in Norway! I met the new boss at work today, and our entire conversation was in Norwegian. And later today, I met an old friend at Pam's school and we had another entire conversation in Norwegian. It's getting easier and easier! I owe a great big THANK YOU to Allan for all the hours he put in sitting in my office at WWU patiently speaking Norwegian with me. I think I will pick up this language at a very fast rate now. In fact, I wrote an email today that started "Beklager at jeg skal skrive på engelsk, men jeg har snakket norsk helt morgenen og jeg er trøtt." (Sorry that I shall write in English, but I have spoken Norwegian all morning and I am tired.) I then went on to write the entire email in Norwegian (it was just easier than switching to English), and so I had to go back and delete the first sentence.

Pam walked to school with the kids today, and reports the walk is easy. Walking home is another thing... in fact, my calves were hurting today from hiking up the steep hill on the way home, but this too shall pass.

Maggie and I watched Harry Potter og De Vises Sten today, the first of the Potter movies, in Norwegian of course. It was incredible fun. I'll have to see if I can get the other movies.

This evening we got our cell phones and struggled to activate them, finally a trip back to the store was necessary so they could fax in copies of our passports. Us utlendinger are always causing problems. By tomorrow we should be activated and connected. Technology is one of the few inexpensive things in Norway -- the phones were really cheap and so is the phone service.

Tonight, Sofia is sleeping over while her parents go to a concert downtown. I'm drinking my first beer in Norway for the year, a Dahl's Pils, of course (local beer), while Pam works on scheduling the faculty at ThIS. That's a job I don't envy!

Our house is still light and beautiful, and we are still bubbling over with happiness. Ja, vi elske dette landet!

Here's a picture of the view from our window. We can see Munkholmen (the island out there on the fjord) and the white dunjeon of the festning (fortress) next to the international skole. The picture was taken around 11 pm... it's still the time of year where the sunset blends into the sunrise. Gorgeous.

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  1. Nice job with your Norwegian!! That must feel sooo good seeing all that hard work pay off!