Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Barnas språk

I phoned Anna at a friend's house and she spoke to me on the phone entirely in Norwegian... well, a bit of Norwenglish thrown in, but I was excited. When I picked her up after returning from fixing the car window, and she spoke to me English but entirely in a Norwegian accent. Later in the evening she asked in Norwenglish: "Kan vi snakker norsk, ikke engelsk, og du kan hjelp meg if jeg don't forstår?" So, I have a norskspråk buddy at home! Kjempekult! (Supercool!)

THEN -- Maggie, the reader, has picked up Fisken and is suddenly interested in reading it. She asked if I could read it with her at bedtime... it has been many years since she has wanted a bedtime story! So we snuggled up in bed and she read each sentence and then told me what it meant, and she could read it at about a 85% comprehension rate. I was impressed!

And Peter? About the only Norwegian I hear him say is "Du er så dumm!" Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

Here's a little note Anna typed on my computer screen when I wasn't looking. There's 31 zeros after than 1, which makes it 10 nonillion. One of the larger numbers I've seen in a while.

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