Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Better early than late?

I went to pick up Maggie from the movies yesterday. Wrong theater. Drove to 3 theaters trying to find her. None were showing the movie she went to see. Forgot my phone. Drunk guy got into my car and asked me to take him to Melhus. Wasn't too happy when I told him NEI. Made calls from payphone -- with all my phone numbers stored on my cellphone which was at home, I was thankful I taught myself some mnemonics! No answers, anyways. Finally went home to get my phone and more info, rather stressed that Maggie was downtown somewhere.

I got ahold of the parents of Maggie's friend, and as it turns out I showed up an hour early. And the film "Up" was called "Se Opp" in Norwegian (should've figured that one out) which is why I couldn't find it. So, armed with the correct info, I went back downtown and picked her up, at the right place and at the right time. Shwew!

An hour later, I went to pick up Jack at the airport. He didn't get off the plane. Called Pam to double check information, AND... I was a day early picking him up.

Crazy way to spend an evening. Better early than late, I suppose!

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