Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poker Night

Plenty of jokes about Hell, a very small town near the airport. I've been there twice this week to get the car fixed.

This evening we went to some friends' house to play Texas Hold 'Em... a very fun night! We walked 20 minutes both ways, slowly due to Pam's injured knee, but she claims it was good to get the joint moving, and today she feeling pretty good. We walking under the watchful glow of the Tyholt tower. It's always feels mysterious to see this creature, and it's so close to our home.

On an another unrelated note, here's the yinyang of cheesy bread. Peter only likes the middle part. Maggie only likes the crust. A lucky combination, wouldn't you agree?


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  2. Mike
    A subtle message in the poker photo - yes??