Sunday, September 20, 2009

Downtown on a Sunday

Lovely day, walking around downtown in the sunshine. Took Ann and Ike on a walking tour, starting in Bakklandet, down the hill across the pedestrian bridge, to the science center, to the Torg for lunch, and then browsing around on pedestrian streets looking through windows. Nearly everything is closed in Norway on Sundays, with the exception of restaurants, gas stations, gardening stores, and certain shops below a certain size (100 square meters, I think).

Then home for naps and then a trip to the rocky beaches at Lade, one of our favorite places which we hadn't yet visited. We wanted to make the most of the sunshine, and the sun was still shining late afternoon as we walked down the path to rocky shore. We were greeted by a short-lived rainbow, a nice 'welcome back to Lade!' The wind howled down the fjord making it a cold visit. Still the kids had plenty of fun climbing on the rocks, making a boat, and Maggie somehow managed to wade in the water knee-deep chasing said boat.

We went downtown for pizza afterwards and are now gearing down for bed. A lovely lazy weekend... I find myself excited and eager to get back to work tomorrow.

Ike at the pedestrian bridge connecting Sentrum to Bakklandet

Anna at the Torg

 Beautiful colors on the stone of this downtown church

A couple of views from along the Nidar river in downtown Trondheim

Maggie and Peter experiment with the wind at Lade

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