Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hytte Hunt 1

New Phone

On Monday we bought Maggie her own phone. We had so many troubles getting our Tele2 account activated and putting money on it, I was dreading going through it again. But this phone is locked into a Chess account for a year, and it was ridiculously easy to get it activated. Tele2 is slightly cheaper, but I'd rather have things easy than cheap!

Takk for besøken, Ann og Ike!

Ann and Ike returned to the U.S. after a very nice visit. We'll be welcoming Pam's dad next week, and just got news that an old college friend will visit us in December. My parents will visit in the spring, so we'll have all kinds of visitors this year. Kjempebra!


We "lost" our kitten for an evening. Anna was very upset in the morning and so made this sign that says "tapt! Liten svart kattunge!" Before she could hang it up on the street corner, the cat came back.

2 steps forward, 1 step back

My brain is full. Or something. I feel like all the progress learning Norwegian has ground to a halt and words just aren't going together right. It's probably an illusion – I think a series of successes has raised my expectations for myself beyond where I actually am. It feels like everyone's speaking a foreign language again. Okay, so this is a "1 step back" week. 2 steps next week? Forward, I hope.

Fixed the car

Finally, our car no longer drips oil on our feet while we drive. I finally just cut the line to the oil pressure gauge and put a screw into the pipe. After 7 weeks of covering our feet with packing paper to try to keep oil from staining our clothing (sometimes unsuccessfully), we can finally drive worry free! Of course, the pressure gauge doesn't do anything now. So it goes...

Hytte Hunt

Last night, we went to an open house for a hytte (cabin) just south of Melhus, about a 50 minute drive. Pam has enjoyed hytte-hunting on the internet, and this was our first visit to one. Inexpensive and quite nice, on a small lake. Of course we won't be buying anything soon, not until we've seen many and are familiar with the different areas near Trondheim.

The drive filled me with deep joy to see such beauty and serenity so close to home... hills and lakes and farms and trees and cliffs and islands. It is incredible to imagine life and living in these settings. I took many pictures through the car window that I won't bother posting, the pictures don't evoke anywhere near the level of emotion we experienced on this drive.

I realize now that we need to take many more drives in all directions, let the beauty of this land soak in.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of this Mike. It is such a refreshing part of my day - and my life! I can't thank you enough!