Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jack Attack!

This time I came on the right day. Pam's father Jack is here! Unfortunately, Pam is sick and was in bad shape last night. And yet, she went in to teach this morning, claiming there were too many important things to do with her kids today! It's hard to get her to slow down.

Yesterday, rain and hail and snow and sunshine, a bizarre mix of weather. We made a quick trip to Ikea, and they had Christmas things out already. I was slightly annoyed (it IS still September), but then I had a free gingerbread cookie and with the cold weather outside I started to feel warm and happy inside with Christmas-y thoughts and songs in my head. This morning we awoke to a temperature of 1°C, making me wonder where autumn has gone.

I've got a big day today – I'm giving a presentation tomorrow, and yesterday I had kind of a surprise. I promised my boss a research article by the end of October, but because of either language issues or my own flakiness, he wanted it by the first of October, which is... tomorrow. So I wrote the paper yesterday and now Tor is graciously translating it, and I've still got a lot left to do for my talk tomorrow. Thank goodness we've got an awesome coffee machine!

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