Monday, September 14, 2009

Maggie lost and found

Speaking of the Tyholt Tårn, it had a starring role Monday night. Maggie was lost for a while but found again. Yesterday, she attended a birthday party and then came home to do some baby sitting, 3 blocks away. Leaving at 9:00, she didn't show up at home. We went out on foot and by car. At 9:30, Evelina was driving around also, and then Elisabeth at 9:45.

It was nice to know that we are in a very safe community, but we were feeling scared for Maggie who was probably panicked at this point we guessed.

At 10:00 we called the police, who had just received a call of a girl lost and now sitting in the Egon restaurant at the top of Tyholt Tårn. They gave her a hot chocolate, a balloon, a toy, and a ride home in a police car. What an ending!

Maggie never lost her cool. She got turned around leaving our friends' house and soon realized she was lost. So she headed to the tower thinking she could get home from there. She got lost again and so headed back to the tower. Nice that you can always see the tower! This time she went inside and up to ask for help. Smart move.

So, a little scary. Time to learn our streets!


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  2. Whoa!
    The joys of parenthood.
    That's one smart young woman you are helping to mature.