Sunday, September 27, 2009

Norwegian Fast Food

"Norsk Hurtigmat" the sign said. Norwegian fast food. Wasa brand crackers prepacked with brunost between slices. Yum... looked good to me. I've become quite fond of Wasa crackers and brunost. Wasa crackers are very crunchy with whole grains, a bit like sawdusty cardboard, perhaps. And brunost, or "brown cheese", is a plastic-y caramelly substance made from boiling down the leftover water from cheese manufacture. Put them together, and it's some kind of heaven.

And liver paste! So good! And smørbrød with cheese and slices of red pepper. And rundstykke with raw salmon on top. Mmmm... especially the salmon. My parents are from England, so I wonder if I have a Viking gene in me somewhere. I like the weather and I like the food. The food!? How weird is that?

Walking across campus last week, there was a Wasa van parked next to the quad, with a couple of women holding baskets. It was just what I hoped it would be – free samples of crackers with brunost spread. Score!

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