Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pam's Birthday

A rainy weekend. We stay inside and play music, Peter and Maggie play fantasy games together and Anna plays with Sofia who is staying with us overnight.

Thursday was Pam's birthday. We went downtown for sushi at Kyoto, located right next to the palace park. Excellent sushi, not too expensive, slow service. While we were eating, the kids had supper, cleaned up, wrapped presents, then Evelina and Sofia came over. The 5 of them decorated cakes that Maggie had secretly baked last night, decorated with banners and balloons, and jumped out with a "surprise!" and a guitar serenade. Very nice!

Friday was forest day for the kids and a very fun and productive day at work for me. Poor Pam, still recovering with her hurt knee, had to stay at the school. But in the evening, we went to a small get-together with our Australian friends who wanted to do something nice for us because we've helped them out quite a bit, and that was very very nice.

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