Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunny Saturday bike ride

The rain resumed. Rain rain rain. No one in Trondheim seems happy with the weather this year. Ann and Ike left for a roadtrip to Lillehammer or thereabouts on Thursday, looking for adventure. Fortunately, the forecast called for sunshine to the south. They should be back any time now.

Friday night Martin and Elisabeth came over for beer, games, and nonsense. A very nice evening.

This morning -- sunshine! A beautiful fall day at long last! We rode bikes down to the library and traded in our books. Maggie got more comic books, Anna got some videos, and I picked up two more Kurt books and a Mummitrollet book. You have no idea how excited I am to read more Kurt!

Here's three photos from the afternoon's trip of things that made me smile. The first is an ad at a bus stop for Seigdamer, fruity jelly candies in the shape of women, which we've always thought were very funny because they have boobs. The ad reads "If your man so much as glances at her boobs, just eat her up.

The second is a store with a name that always makes me wonder. The third is a sign for DVDs on sale, "÷ 50". If it actually meant "divided by 50%", it would mean the same as "multiply by 2", thus implying they are on sale for twice their normal price. In truth, the symbol "÷" means "subtract" in Scandanavia, so the price is "minus 50%" which is the correct meaning.

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