Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Warhead at Hegra, Water at Leirfall

Outside the Hegra festning gate is this warhead. It reads:
This is the top piece of an 1800 kg heavy German bomb which on 25 April 1940 was released over Hegra Festning. The bomb exploded, and the top piece ended up at Ingstad farm east of Stjørdal River.

After the festning, we visited the stone carvings at Leirfall, probably 1500-2000 years old. With the rain coming down, the nearby waterful was flowing swiftly. The carvings are on a broad flat exposed area of rock. Horses and long boats with animal heads them and people, and dozens and dozens of carved footprints, and expression of "I was here!" Water sheets over the surface of the rock, running in riverlets, wearing out the designs in some places. These carvings will be gone one day.

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