Friday, October 23, 2009

5 year anniversary

The kids' school had the 5th year anniversary today, and I was part of the entertainment – woo hoo! The party was awesome! The kids had all brought in cupcakes that they decorated today and put in little flags to show the countries where the kids are from. They're from lots of places! The cakes were in the gym, on tables arranged like a 5. With lots of banners and balloons, the gym looked great.

Anna was a greeter at the door, reading a short message and directing people where to go. The kids were seated on the floor on mats, parents filled chairs in the back and gathered on the side. I've gotten to know a lot of these kids, so it was so much to wave and chat with the kids and their parents. I was part of the entertainment, so I snuck out to an adjacent room to practice. I couldn't find my usual juggling balls last night or this morning, and so I had to borrow some at the very last minute. I had a dream last night that I'd forgotten how to juggle 4 balls, so I made sure I got 10 minutes of warm-up in. Not as much as I'd like.

The kids in the Student Council gave short speeches – very nice speeches! – then all the kids sang the new school song (which is totally awesome – will post about it separately). After cake, Anna read an announcement to introduce me for the juggling show. I didn't know she'd be the announcer, and she did a really good job. A fun party!

We have several parties coming up this weekend... it promises to be fun!

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