Friday, October 2, 2009

Another good day

This morning I had a long talk with a colleague. She's an artist, and her main focus is mathematics and arts and crafts. We have many similar ideas and goals, and so we may be working together on some projects this year. She's invited Pam and I to an art exhibition she'll be in this November. One of her artist friends is also a 3-time world-champion fluebinder, or fly tier (that tie-r, one who ties), so maybe I can introduce Jack to him!

While unpacking boxes in my new office (a single office so I play music), I met the janitor/maintenance man. I never really talked to him first time we were in Norway because he doesn't speak English, but this time we had a nice conversation, in Norwegian. Turns out my office is housed in the 3rd largest building in Norway. He brought me a book about the building that he helped to write. Later, Merete and Randi tell me that he was a boxer in 1972 Münich Olympics, and they called him "Spiken" which means "The Nail". How cool.

Then it's lunch and waffle day. I had a kind of jam I'd never tasted, nippersyltetøy or rosehip jam. And brunost of course. Mmmm... I really like brunost now. Several folks had cheese and jam on their waffles, a little strange to see.

This afternoon I'm working on some math-art curriculum and tonight we have dinner plans with friends. Happy days.

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