Monday, October 26, 2009

Book & Progress

Finished another Kurt book, "Kurt koker hodet", or "Kurt boils his head". To koker hodet means something like to stew, or to stress out, or to rack your brains, or something like that I think. I'm still working out just how to translate this expression. Once again, an irresistible Kurt book, my third. I've already started the next one...

I'm beginning to catch on to some of the lunchroom conversations, I even participated in a couple of them this week. Progress always seems so slow, and yet... it is progressing. This week past week I had many in-depth conversations in Norwegian. They say I'm quite understandable, but often I think I must sound like an idiot. Well, I've sent off my application for a language course that starts in January. They'll be contacting me for a placement test next month.

Oh – one more piece of good news. The Disney channel on TV has many of the programs fully voice-translated to Norwegian. I watch Kim Possible and the Witches of Waverly Place in Norwegian with my kids, and I'm finding it easier than ever to follow the conversations. It's nice that Disney has enough money to translate their TV shows. Maybe TV isn't all that evil...

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