Friday, October 9, 2009

Brief respite. Safe to go bowling.

The light this morning was rather special. Sunshiny morning after so much rain... and right after Jack leaves after a week of crappy weather. The light was coming in low and warm and yellow on this cold, cold, cold, morning. I fear we skipped autumn almost entirely.

Tonight we went bowling with the teachers at Centrum Bowling downtown next to the Torg. We've always bowled at Dora and it was news to me that there was another bowling alley in town. I very much liked the atmosphere of this small venue.

We had some first time bowlers from the school faculty (international school, you know), so we were having some crazy pin configurations after the first roll, even on the grown-ups' lanes. I wondered a little about configurations that are rarely seen, and figured that knocking out just pin 2 or 3, or both of them, would be the weirdest possible. Well, it happened a few minutes later – here's a pic!


  1. Mike,
    We live in Bellingham and are contemplating a year in Elverum. I will teach fish ecology at Hedmark College in Evanstad. It would be great to talk with you about this move.

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