Thursday, October 1, 2009

A good day

Second department meeting today. I understood more... there is hope! At the end I gave a presentation to my colleagues, a minicourse on memory techniques. I practiced last night with Maggie – she has a remarkable memory. She could remember 6 of the 10 items on the memory tour I did with her class 2 years ago!

In the afternoon, Tor and I finished revisions on the translated version of a paper and we sent it off to be printed, right on time. I've had fun with Tor this week – we give each other homework problems and he helps me with language and translating. We've generated some fun ideas, one of which he's already turned into a paper.

Pam and I took Jack on a walk after work. We walked around Bakklandet and the inside of the Nidaros cathedral, only my second time inside this beautiful 13th century building. The inside is very uplifting, inspiring. Pam is feeling much better today.

This evening Jack and I visited some friends downtown and then we relaxed at home with sodd for dinner. We bought train tickets for an outing this Saturday that I'm quite looking forward to.

It was very busy week that will soon slide into a smooth weekend.

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