Thursday, October 15, 2009


I explored the saunas here at holiday club this morning. Wow! Beautiful organic layout of the sauna center, with low mood lighting. A large lukewarm Roman bath is in the center, with a very hot wet sauna (80°C), a hot dry sauna, a eucalyptus steam room, and a sanitary sauna with various types of UV light. Then there's the weird features... a cylinder of icy water oh so very cold that Pam and Peter ventured into (no thank you!), a blacksmith steam room where a wrought iron device tips a pot of water into the fire every 15 minutes, a cold room that looks like an icecave under the stars, complete with snow on the floor, a relaxation room where you can look out through a waterfall into the pool area. My favorite though is an oval walking track where you walk though shin deep water, the first half icy water and then hot water. It is nearly unbearable the first couple of times around, and then after 5 or 6 turns the cold doesn't seem as cold and the hot doesn't seem as hot, and after 10 or 12 laps you cannot tell the difference. I like it, but it worries me too, as it seems like some kind of strange physiological/psychological experiment. Can it really be good for you? Or is it just those crazy Swedes having fun?

We had a fabulous breakfast buffet, followed by 2 hours of swimming and sauna, then lunch and a trip to the Åre chocolate factory. Then naps and a walk down to the wine shop for cheap liquor. Tonight we'll walk about the town and find someplace to eat.

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