Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jack's last day

Today is Jack's final day and the mission list is long.

First stop, find a Norway souvenir snowglobe. Our friend Elisabeth works at Tourist Information, so I called her for advice. It turns out that they have them at no place other than the Tourist Information office. She sent me a photo on my cell phone. Nice! So we drive downtown, have fun at the info office, then take a walk past the palace and through the pedestrian shopping street to take in a few more sights.

Went for very good coffee at the Dromedar Kaffe Bar, today's coffee coming from Brazil we were told, and then a quick look inside the Mercur mall. Pink bras were hanging from the ceiling, another pink cancer awareness event like the pink lighting on the Tyholt Tower. I took a picture, and then someone came and told me photos weren't allowed inside the shopping center. View my illegal photograph here.

Pam then came home and took him to Hegra festning while I stayed home with the kids. They report rain and cold when they got there, but it was still awesome of course.

In the evening, Jack took us out to eat at Khao Thai downtown. Very excellent spicy food. Good spicy food can be difficult to find in Norway, so I was very pleased with the green curry chicken at full spiciness. Thumbs up! Back in time to get Maggie to her babysitting job.

Pam went for her first handball game tonight. The school assembled their team on Saturday, three weeks into league games. They'd only practiced once and noone really knew the rules, so this was expected to be a kind of learning experience. It started at 10:40. I'm not sure what time she got in, we were fast asleep so I could get up at 3:00 to get Jack on a bus to the airport.

At 3 a.m., the snow was coming down and accumulating on the cars and roofs. What happened to fall?Jack was off with no troubles, and later I found that he had an easy trip home, and Pam's team had lost 36-2.

Goodbye Jack! Thanks for the veldig hyggelig visit!

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