Friday, October 2, 2009


Usually I get salmon on bread for lunch. Yesterday there was this sandwich with ham and... something very pink. Very fuschia, actually. Didn't look like something anyone should eat. At least not anyone you like. So I had to try it of course. Turns out the pink glop was red beet salad, and the sandwich was delicious!

Tonight the Tyholt tower was PINK. We've only ever seen it lit up blueish-white, but tonight, pink. Very sci-fi. What's with all the pink?

When we saw this, the kids started singing the Pink Song (Rosa sangen). It's a ridiculous song which has gotten into our heads. Here, I pass it on to you, complete with artwork by some Norwegian kid. The chorus translates to "Pink, I like only things if they are pink (What did you say? Did you say 'green') No it is pink..."

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