Thursday, October 8, 2009


Whipped together this plate of lunch to give Jack a typical Norwegian lunch experience. Wasa crackers with simple topping: smoken salmon with chili mayonnaise, or liverpaste and lettuce, or yellow cheese and butter topped with red pepper. It's called smørbrød (butter bread), and it's the Norwegian equivalent of a sandwich. The word and the concept are linked to, but not exactly the same as the Swedish smörgåsbord. Sandwiches are served and eaten here, but they're not all that popular.

I eat this kind of thing at work also. In the morning I can grab 4 crackers and a pack of liverpaste and I'm good to go for lunch. People bring crackers or dense bread and dress it with ham or eggs or vegetables or fish or some kind of spread. It so fast, easy, inexpensive, tasty, and healthy.
I've really been hooked on this style of food, for all these reasons. Maybe especially the easy and tasty reasons.

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