Friday, October 30, 2009

Teaching and the Big Dance

Big day today. And a landmark day, as well. Gerd had a group of visiting teachers, working on multiple representations of numbers with all kinds of media, and I did a lesson on the abacus. I did the entire 45 minute lesson almost entirely in Norwegian -- a first! I told them I'd probably be switching between English and Norwegian often, and I was quite surprised at the end when I realized I used very little English at all.

In the afternoon I taught two lessons at the international school, 7th grade math and 10th grade humanities (Eastern influences on Western culture), both awesome classes.

After school, I volunteered to be a chaperone at the 7th-10th grade Halloween party/dance, which Maggie's class had organized. They did an amazing job. The class decorated, organized food and drink, got someone's older brother to be a DJ, had contests and games, and stayed afterwards to clean-up completely. What a great night!

The kids, and me, were completely wiped out.

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